Bradford businesses perform well on environmental actions

The results of the 2019 Leeds City Region (LCR) business survey have recently been published. Among the results, the survey shows that businesses in the Bradford District are performing above the regional average on a number of environmental actions.

More than half of Bradford District businesses said that they operate a recycling scheme and use environmentally friendly technologies or products.

LCR business survey environmental actions
Environmental actions by Bradford business compared with the regional average

A higher than average number of Bradford District businesses also:

  • operate an energy saving scheme
  • operate a water saving scheme
  • operate a waste minimisation scheme
  • use environmentally friendly technologies/products
  • have formal environmental accreditation
  • have taken action to green their supply chain

Across the LCR, businesses undertaking at least one of these environmental actions are more likely to report stronger performance, and growth in employment and turnover.

As an example of a local business improving environmental standards, Texfelt, a company who make carpet underlay from upcycled plastic bottles, have recently invested in a new manufacturing facility in Bradford.

Read the full results of the 2019 LCR business survey on the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership website.

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